A downloadable game for Windows

Toy company "Waygetter Electronics" looking for toy tester to work the nightshift. 12 am to 6 am.

Test Waygetter's secret new toy in their Decent, IL factory!

Not responsible for injury/dismemberment.

$5.15 per hour. To apply call, 1-800-666-666.


OneNightAtWaygetter_v1.2.1.zip 73 MB

Development log


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how did u make this it looks so cool

I Couldn't Play It! It Told Me That I Required Something To Play And It Doesn't Tell How To Do It. This Problem Counts With Gamejolt! The Game Is A Lie To Me

Are you trying to play using a non-Windows operating system? The game won't run on Mac or Linux computers.


can you make the real one this the worst but looks good mmm.... little

CAN YOU MAKE IT AVG LOCKED? i want to play this.

Fun fan game.

hi, that is unfair in the butternut mode ;) but the game is great and i love it :)

hi, here is my second part ;)

AN AWESOME Tattletail/FNAF fan game!! Really good! 


hi :) here is it...and have fun :) p.s. it makes so much fun ;)


hi, wow what a amazing great game. this game is fantastic, perfect :) i love it :) but it is so hard :) i made a letsplay and the video is coming later, i hope you like that :) big thx and full stars for your great great game :) greetings from germany